Some Villages at Samos

1. Old mountain village: Kastania »»
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2. Miliï, the pittoresque village, only half an hours' walk from Ireon. Visit the little square (platia) where you can drink an ouzo and eat local dishes. (Beetrot salad and skordalia are famous) »»
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3. Pagondas; the silent and nice mountain village. The square has 3 taverna's; all of them in local atmosphere »»
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4. Pandrosos. Via Pirgos, Pandrosos you go to Mesogia and enter the Kervouni »»
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5. Cross roads of Samos. Pirgos is centrally situated to cross the Isle. Some good taverna's cook traditional greek food, menue depending on the day. »»
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6. Platanos is the mountain village laying next to Kerkris massive. The sissling of the wind and the views are characteristique... »»
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7. Samiopoula. Sometinmes you see something special. Not touched by tourism because of the unfriendly roads. Be sure that you have a jeep when you visit Samiopoula area »»
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8. Samos Town: the bay of Samos viewed form the Nort side of the isle. All large ferry companies enter her (and/or in Karlovassi) »»
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9. Spatarei: where time stould still Step out of your car and have a walk in the village. Talke the time to have a drink in the small cafenion near to the road to Pirgos..... An experience you will not forget..
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