Beaches of Samos

1. The quiet beach way from Ireon to Potokaki and Pythagorio. 6 km of beach to have for yourself.... »»
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2. Kiriannis; in the south of the Isle. Some holiday houses and silence... and a beautifull view.. Jeep or boat only. »»
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3. The marvellous view from Bella Vista Tavern at sunset. Every sunday afternoon during the season life bouzouki, the sun burning in your back, and the most essential Greek music in your ears... You will not easily forget it... »»
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4. The most famous (thus very crowded) beach of Samos: Psili Amos (Sandy Beach). At the South East side of Samos near Pythagorio.In the South West there is another Sandy Beach: Psili Amos Skoereika. Lovely: but.... Jeep only.... »»
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5. Valsamo: West Coast of the isle. Every day at 16.00h sharp, you need to grap your towel and run for a dry spot. A very big wave is flushing the beach away. After 1 minute is is calmed down again. »»
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6. Tsopela: only to visit with jeep, boat or foot. Any other transport is dangerous. The splendid bay is formed out of stone plates. You can jump on them all around the bay... Enjoy some food and find you nice corner to have a swim... »»
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7. Velelandia: In the South West, near to Balos. Also kms of very nice quiet beach. Walk completely to the end and find your place: smashing view!
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